Sunday, October 27, 2013

Government data / open data resources

The listserv and the blog are both great sources of the latest information and resources for open data. (With thanks to the and teams, especially Tracey Lauriault.

Currie, L. (2013). The Role of Canadian Municipal Open Data Initiatives: A Multi-City Evaluation. M.A Thesis, Department of Geography, Queen’s University, Kingston, ON. Abstract retrieved October 27, 2013 from

Reitano, S. (2013). The benefits of open data. Project for Master's Thesis in Organizational Management, Royal Roads University. Retrieved October 27, 2013 from'

G8 Open Data Charter - Canada signs on. Tracey Lauriault's blogpost summary is a great starting point:

Open Knowledge Foundation (n.d.). Open data handbook. Retrieved October 27, 2013 from

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