Thursday, November 21, 2013

Readings for December 2 class

Readings for the December 2 class (themes: preservation & privacy) have now been posted.

Canadian Government Information Private LOCKSS Network

OCUL Trusted Digital Repository. Browse some of the links to get a sense of the work involved in becoming a trusted digital repository.

Privacy & Surveillance

BC Civil Liberties Association. 2013.  More than 30 organizations uniting to protect Canadians' privacy rights. Read one or more of the articles linked under "more information" and be prepared to discuss.

Electronic Frontier Foundation. 2013. Human rights groups to the UN: reject mass surveillance. Attempt by the "5-eyes" nations (Canada is one) to dilute anti-surveillance language fails.

Geist, M. 2013. The privacy threats in Bill C-13, Part One: partial immunity for personal information disclosures without a warrant

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